Which Smart TV is an Android TV?

What is Android TV ?

Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google. Based on the Android 5.0 (“Lollipop”) operating system or later, it creates an interactive television experience through a 10-foot user interface. Users have access to the Google Play Store to download Android apps, including media streaming services Netflix and Hulu, as well as games.

Google has partnered with Sony, Sharp, and Philips to offer the platform in TVs.

See some of that in action … by Sony.

Above, you can see the most awkward family ever using the Voice Search and Google Cast features.

In this video, Sony shows off the gaming aspect of Android TV with what looks to be a group of teenagers forced to sit around and pretend to like each other.

Do not get confused with Android TV Box, which is essentially the same thing except the box is designed to serve TVs running on other platform such as LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen etc.

The other thing is save for new high end boxes, some of the older Android TV Boxes are actually Android boxes (without the TV specifics). Android TV is made just for TVs. The main difference between Android TV and Android OS (designed for phone, tablet, watches) is the 10-foot user interface so as to render the app usable and enjoyable on the big screen.

So, Which Smart TV is an Android TV?

Sony, Sharp, and Philips announced that they would release TVs in 2015 running Android TV. All TVs on the Android TV platform will support capabilities such as Google Cast, voice search, and the Play Store apps.

  1. Sony’s Android TVs are currently available; in May 2015, Sony released the Bravia 2015 models running the platform. They include a regular HD model and a 4K-capable model.
  2. Sharp’s television sets became available June 10, 2015, beginning with the release of two models.
  3. Philips announced that 80% of their 2015 TVs will run Android TV, the first two models of which were released in June 2015.

In another word, all Sony released after May 2015, and all Sharp and all Philips realeased after June 2015 are the “smarter” Android TVs.

The followings are some known Android TV models from Sony, Sharp, and Philips: –

SONY 2016 Models (Various Screen Sizes)

  • Sony X940D | Sony X930D | Sony X930C | Sony X900C | Sony X900B
  • Sony X850D | Sony X850C | Sony X830C | Sony X810C | Sony X850B | Sony X800B
  • Sony X750D | Sony X700D
  • Sony W650D | Sony W600D

SONY 2015 Models

  • Sony X940C | X930C | X930C | 910C | X900C (Various Screen Sizes)
  • Sony KDL-75W850C | KDL-65W850C | KDL-55W800C | KDL-50W800C
  • Sony KD-65XD9305 | KD-55XD9305 | KD-65S8505C | KD-49X8307C | KD-65X8505C

Image result for sony 2016 models tv blogspot.com

SHARP (apparently all Aquos models are Android TV)

Sharp’s UH30 and UE30 will be the first televisions from the company
that include Android TV built-in. With sizes ranging from 60 to 80 inches, the inclusion of
Android TV lets you watch shows, play games, and even listen to music with ease. Pairing the 4K
display with Android TV, Sharp hopes to offer the best experience and quality for playback.

Image result for SHARP aquos tv blogspot.com

PHILIPS (safe to say almost all Philips TVs will have Android OS)

At the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta, Philips TV division, TP Vision, has talked about
the company’s plans for its lineup for 2015. And of particular interest its commitment to using
Android TV. Of all Philips TVs for 2015, an impressive 80% of them will be running Google’s OS.

  • Philips 65PUS8901
  • Philips 55PUS8601
  • Philips 65PUS8601

Image result for philips led tv blogspot.com

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